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At the beginning of Calculus studies, it is usual to work in a special way with plane coordinates or Cartesian coordinates, leaving polar coordinates aside. However, as the study of Calculus continues to advance, we realize the need to use polar coordinates to perform certain calculations and procedures that could not be successfully performed with Cartesian coordinates.

To help you in the study of polar coordinates, here we present the Polar Graphing Calculator. With the polar coordinate grapher you will be able to graph all kinds of polar equations quickly and easily, without having to install anything on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

For graphing polar equations follow these steps:

  1. Enter the mathematical expression using the variable θ (theta). We recommend using the virtual keyboard of the grapher itself.
  2. Press the “Plot” button to get the plot in polar coordinates.

How to graph polar coordinates

One way to draw the graphs of curves defined by polar equations F(r,θ)=0 is to locate in the polar plane some points (r,θ) that satisfy it, subsequently joining them according to the information provided by the graph of the equation. curve in the cartesian plane. We illustrate this procedure in the following example:

Example 01: Draw the polar graph of the curve r=sin(θ).

  1. The first step is to make a table of values for r=sin(θ).
Example 01 - Polar graph step 1
  1. We then plot each point on the coordinate axis. For example, to graph the point (r,θ), we draw a line with length equal to r from the point (0,0) and slope angle equal to θ. The endpoint of the line is the point (r,θ).
Example 01 - Polar graph step 2
  1. Finally, we join the points following the ascending order of the angle θ. With this we will obtain the polar graph of r=sin(θ).
Example 01 - Polar graph step 3
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