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The bode plot is a very important system and process analysis technique in several engineering fields because, thanks to a good interpretation of the bode plot, we can understand the behavior and operation of a real physical process in various areas of operation.

With the Bode Plot Generator that we put in your hands you can easily generate all the bode plots you need. To use the Bode Plot Calculator follow these steps:

  1. Enter the transfer function.
  2. Choose the independent variable used in the transfer function.
  3. Choose the type of bode plot you want to draw. You can choose between these three options:
    1. Magnitude: The plot displays the magnitude (in dB).
    2. Phase (degrees): The plot displays the phase (in degrees).
    3. Phase (radians): The plot displays the phase (in radians).
  4. Press the “Bode Plot” button to get the plot. To go back and create another graph, press the “Return” button.
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What is a Bode Plot?

The American Hendrik Wade Bode (1905-1982) first used the diagram that bears his name in 1938 to study the stability of closed-loop systems. During World War II he contributed to the rapid development of servomechanisms for fire control devices. Its use was widely extended in the study of electronic circuits.

A Bode plot is a technique that allows us to graphically represent the frequency response of a system. The bode plot has two variants, one that corresponds to the magnitude of the transfer function and another that corresponds to the phase. A Bode plot is, by definition, a semi-logarithmic plot of the magnitude (in decibels) and the phase (in degrees) of a transfer function as a function of frequency.

In the case of the Magnitude Diagram, the vertical axis is formed by the gain of the system, given in decibels (dB). In the Phase Diagram, the vertical axis is formed by phase angles, given in degrees.

Examples of bode plots
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