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Getting the five number summary is very helpful when analyzing data sets, which is why we created the 5 Number Summary Calculator.

To use this calculator you must perform the following steps:

  1. Select the separator that you will use to delimit the data, you can use commas, semicolons, spaces, tabs or one value per line.
  2. Enter the values in the textarea using the separator selected in the previous step.
  3. Press the calculate button to get the five numbers summary .

The solution offered by the calculator shows step by step how to calculate the 5 numbers summary. This is a great help to any student or teacher of statistics.

What is the 5 number summary?

The 5-number summary is one of the most widely used tools for exploratory data analysis, because it allows the shape of the distribution to be determined using basic mathematical operations.

The 5-number summary is made up of the following values:

  1. Minimum value (xmin)
  2. First quartile (Q1)
  3. Median (Q2)
  4. Third quartile (Q3)
  5. Maximum value (xmax)

These five values have been selected because each of them reveals information about a part of the data set:

  • The median allows us to know where the mean value is.
  • The first and second quartiles show how spread out the data are.
  • The minimum and maximum values allow knowing the range of the data.

How to find 5 number summary

The easiest way to build a five-number summary is to first put the data in ascending order. Once this is done, it is easy to identify the smallest value, the three quartiles and the largest value.

Below we present a series of examples to explain how to find the 5 number summary. These examples have been solved with the 5 number summary calculator.

Example 01: Consider a sample whose values are 20, 25, 28, 17, 30, 32, 27, 14, 18, and 25. Find the five-number summary of this data.

Example 01 - how to find 5 number summary

Example 02: Below are the sales, in millions of dollars, of 15 supermarkets. Find the five number summary.

{15536, 19365, 1036, 4263, 3053, 8962, 2379, 726, 538, 809, 973, 5369, 9682, 7513, 1392}

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